A Pathway to Optimal Health

WellMetris has created a breakthrough test for metabolic efficiency and overall wellness that offers unprecedented insights into personal health, and a fast, convenient way to monitor the effects of positive lifestyle changes on your smartphone or tablet.

Our company develops non-invasive health and wellness tests, powerful analytics and a personalized approach to optimal health. WellMetris tests are designed to measure key metabolic indicators of good health while also helping to identify future risks. Also, our pre-clinical screening test provides insurers, employers, and healthcare providers with timely information for wellness programs, fitness regimens, or other preventative measures to keep a workforce healthy and productive.

Taking Control of Your Personal Health

Is all that exercise and dieting making a difference? This breakthrough test allows individuals to measure the benefits of positive lifestyle changes and see how diet, exercise, sleep and hydration affects overall health. Traditional medical diagnostics are focused on illness, injury or impairment. WellMetris measures your state of health, your metabolic efficiency and pre-conditions that may lead to future health issues.

Dramatically Lower Health Costs by Avoiding Them in the First Place

Wellness testing is the latest countermeasure taken by insurers, employers and governments to keep a lid on exploding healthcare costs. A pre-clinical screening of asymptomatic, seemingly healthy individuals for metabolic efficiency allows payers to get a better handle on risk management and early intervention by identifying and monitoring individuals at higher risk for future health problems. For the first time, workplace wellness programs can generate real ROI.

Are you really healthy or just asymptomatic?

At WellMetris, we’ve created a breakthrough metric for metabolic efficiency and overall health. By creating a testing platform that examines oxidative damage, total antioxidant status, and low-level, systemic inflammation, we are able to quickly and inexpensively determine the overall health and wellness of an individual, and also serve as an early-warning trend for future health problems, well before traditional diagnostics detect that something is really wrong.

A cost-effective, fast and flexible testing platform

We’re focused on developing, manufacturing, and marketing non-invasive wellness tests for wellness programs, personal health tracking, senior home care and athletic training. Our tests are intended to provide individuals with the information and opportunity to optimize their health, while also helping to identify conditions conductive to future health problems. Simultaneously, our products can provide insurers, employers, and healthcare providers with timely information, allowing them to intervene with wellness programs, fitness regimens, or other preventative measures to help reverse or retard the development of serious health issues.